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Name of the books which were published during 1857 revolt and on 1857 Revolt
Under this topic we will list all the major books which were published upon the revolt of 1857 in this list we list the name of the book in which year it was published and who was the author, of these books which were published during the year 1857 on 1857 revolt
this topic can also cover the following questions which can be asked in any competion exams
1. main books published in during 1857 and based on Revolt of 1857  
2. name of the books and their authors which were published on revolt of 1857

Name of books published during revolt of 1857 year of publication author of books
The First Indian War of Indepence 1857 1859 Karl Marx
Causes of Indian Revolt 1873 Sayed Ahmad Khan
The India War of India Independence 1909 V.D. Savarkar
The Sepoy Mutiny & the rebellion of 1857 1957 R.C. Mazumdar
Civil Rebellion in Indian Mutinies 1957 S.B. Chowdhury
Rebellion, 1857 : A Symposium 1957 P.C. Joshi

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