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Q.1 When Was the French East Indian Company Was Formed and by Whom

The French East India Company was formed by Colbert under state patronage in 1664.

Q.2 When Was The First french Factory was established Where and by whom

The first French factory was established act Surat by Francois Caron in 1668.

Q.3 When was Masulipatam was set up?

A factory at Masulipatam was set up in 1669.

Q.4 How French Power in India gets Defeated and How was it revived In India

The French strength inside India was improved under Lenoir and Dumas (governors) between 1720 and 1742. They occupied Mahe in the Malabar, Yanam in Coromandal and Karaikal in Tamil Nadu (1739). >- The introduction of Dupleix as French governor in India in 1742 saw the starting of Anglo-French clash (Carnatic Wars) resulting in their final defeat in India. ANGLO-FRENCH CONFLICT/CARNATIC Battles >- An instance of Anglo French competition. 

Q.5 When First Anglo French war took place and who Won the battel

First Anglo-French battle (1746-48): The French besieged Madras. At St. Thome battle the Nawab of Carnatic's army was beaten by French under Dupleix. 

Q.6 What do you understand by The Treaty of Aix-La-Chapelle Second Anglo French War 

The Treaty of Aix-La-Chapelle (1748) ended the war of Austrian succession and First Anglo-French war in India. »- Second Anglo-French war (1749-54) : Dupleix aligned with Muzaffar Jung (Hyderabad) and Chanda Sahib (Carnatic/Arcot). After initial reverses, Robert Clive emerged victorious.

Q.7 Explain The treaty of Pondicherry.The third Anglo French War in India

The treaty of Paris (1763) ended the Third and Final Anglo-French war in India. Pondicherry was returned to French by this treaty.


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