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List of General knowledge questions based on indian politics
Question ►1 What is the name of  Laccadive, Minicoy and Amindivi islands was transformed to Lakshadweep by an Act of Parliament in
Ans =    1973
Question ►2 Who Elect the members of the Rajya Sabha 
Ans =    elected members of the legislative assembly
Question ►3 The members of the panchayat are 
Ans =    the electorates of the respective territorial constituencies
Question ►4 The capacity to choose an election petition is vested in the
Ans =    High courts
Question ►5 The current Lok Sabha is the
Ans =    15th Lok Sabha
Question ►6 The Parliament of India can make use of the residuary powers
Ans =    at all times
Question ►7 The members of Lok Sabha hold office for the term of
Ans =    5 years
Question ►8 The amount of writs that may be prayed for and issued by the Supreme Court and/or a High Court is
Ans =    5
Question ►9 The minimum age to be eligible for a election for the Lok Sabha is
Ans =    25
Question ►10 The pension of a high court judge is charged to the
Ans =    Consolidated Fund of India
Question ►11 The preamble says the state in India will ensure the dignity of the people. The constitution seeks in achieving this object by guaranteeing
Ans =    equal fundamental rights to each citizen
Question ►12 The minimal age of the voter in India is
Ans =    18
Question ►13 The members of a State Commission can be taken off by the
Ans =    president on a report by the Supreme Court
Question ►14 The members of the Rajya Sabha are
Ans =    elected by the members of the state legislative assemblies
Question ►15 The president addresses the two Houses of Parliament assembled collectively
Ans =    first session after each general election and the first session of each year
Question ►16 The president can break down the Lok Sabha on
Ans =    advice of the prime minister
Question ►17 The president can expend out of the A contingency Fund of India
Ans =    without the approval of the Parliament
Question ►18 The pre-requisite for the administration of directive principles of the state policy is
Ans =    adequate resources
Question ►19 The Goals Resolution which laid down the primary objectives to guide the deliberations in the Assembly was shifted by
Ans =    Jawaharlal Nehru
Question ►20 The president can advance money to fulfill unexpected expenditures, pending authorization by Parliament, from
Ans =    the Contingency Fund
Question ►21 The position of a chief minister is
Ans =    similar to that of the prime minister
Question ►22 The members of the Rajya Sabha are chosen for the term
Ans =    of six years
Question ►23 The president can dismiss a member of the council of ministers
Ans =    on the recommendation of the prime ministers
Question ►24 The president call for for further reforms, attended with the dislocation brought on by the non-cooperation movement, led the British government to appoint a Statutory Commission in 1927. This commission was headed by
Ans =    Sri John Simon
Question ►25 The office of the prime minister of India
Ans =    has a constitutional basis
Question ►26 The powers to legislate regarding any matter not enumerated in any of the three lists are mentioned as residuary powers. Which of the following is empowered to determine finally as to whether or not a specific issue falls in this category
Ans =    Judiciary
Question ►27 The members of the parliamentary committee
Ans =    are taken from various groups and parties in Parliament in proportion to their respective strength
Question ►28 The name of a candidate for the office of president of India might be proposed by
Ans =    any ten members of the Electoral College
Question ►29 Preamble enshrines the ideals of liberty, equality and fraternity - ideals inspired by the
Ans =    French Revolution
Question ►30 The minimum number of members that must definitely be present to hold the meeting of the Lok Sabha is
Ans =    one-tenth of the total membership of the Houses
Question ►31 The Parliament enjoys legislative power over subjects in
Ans =    both union and concurrent list
Question ►32 The capacity to prorogue the Lok Sabha rests with
Ans =    the president
Question ►33 The phrase 'bicameral legislature' means
Ans =    a legislature consisting of a lower and an upper chamber
Question ►34 The position of the president that was undermined by the 42nd amendment was sub-sequently somewhat retrieved by the
Ans =    44th amendment
Question ►35 The oath of office is administered to the members of state council of ministers by
Ans =    the governor

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